Diane Wiess thought being a dictator's daughter was a rather cushy position, all things considered.

...until demons threatened the southern border of Chandera, and riots consumed the rest. Anticipating retaliation, her father strikes a deal with a mercenary company - the Iron Crown Brigade. Their mission: escort Diane out of the country into the safe haven of the powerful Imperium.

The demon of war passed down in her family (and bound by her mystical dagger) complicates things.


Inspired by gothic horror and anime such as Hellsing, IRON CROWN is an ongoing free-to-read comic about a dictator's daughter, mercenaries, and a demonic living weapon facing the shadows of their past lives.


"krad" is the writer, artist, and all-around creator of IRON CROWN.  As a commercial designer and illustrator based in the Southern US, krad's favorite work is generally in the irreverent area of skanky demons and babes with guns.  When not working on IRON CROWN, other comics work can be seen on kradeelav.com, and krad is reachable on twitter at (you guessed it) kradeelavFor immediate contact or opportunities, please email kradeelav (at) gmail (dot) com

'Lantha" is a comics editor and stitches IRON CROWN back up when needed. Reach her on twitter at koi_emperor.

Hiveworks is an indie comics publisher operating since 2011, with a focus on inclusive and free-to-read stories.  Visit them at hiveworkscomics.com.


Q: Is the comic appropriate / what are the content warnings for IRON CROWN?

A: As stated elsewhere, IRON CROWN's rating is T+ / R16; so use your best judgement. There will be occasional gore, (gun-)violence, mildly disturbing body horror, swears aplenty, and a whole load of shenanigans with demons.

Q: How do you draw each page? / (& general questions about tools & process)

A: I do my work digitally through a Wacom Intuos 3, Photoshop CS5 for the pencils/lines/colors, and Illustrator for the lettering.  Any further details on process can probably be answered on my patreon, where I frequently post "work in progress" screenshots and write detailed explanations of each step.  Please consider supporting me there if you're curious.

Q: This week's page was late!

A: Not a fan of late pages either, but as IC is not my main source of income, my day-job comes first, and then patreon.  If the day ever comes that I can switch over to making comics full-time, then that'll be addressed with more urgency.

Q: I want to make fanart/fanfic/fanworks of your comic!

A: You're too sweet!  Please know you have my wholehearted permission and thanks.  While I may not view/comment/promote every piece due to various reasons, do know your effort and enthusiasm is appreciated.

Q: Can I buy IRON CROWN anywhere?  What about merch?

A: There are eventual plans on making this into books with ~3 chapters apiece, however that probably won't happen until winter 2019. Merch (posters, sketchbooks, etc) is available on Hivemill here.

: Where else do you post your works?

A: My tumblr is by far the most frequently updated place, but you can also find my works at twitter, artstation, and deviantart.